Covid isn’t the only public health issue worth talking about.

The COVID-19 Pandemic changed a lot. One of the big changes is that people have started claiming that they care about preventable diseases.

As a long-time personal trainer, I think that’s great. I am a big fan of people living healthier lifestyles.

But, let’s not stop at Covid. There are…

How the internet makes the Dunning-Kruger effect worse

Have you ever noticed that the internet is filled with “experts?”

Based on all the social media debates, the country is overflowing with experts in:

  • epidemiology
  • public policy
  • sports
  • economics
  • personal finance
  • psychology
  • fitness
  • and any other field

It’s hard to believe America has any problems at all, being such…

Eugene Albano

American Football Coach | Certified Personal Trainer | Former ESL Teacher | I write about a little bit of everything.

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